Not only is it 'go' time, it's 'make or break' time. What is this team? What are the realistic expectations of the Front Office at this point? The expectation over the last few years is that we are in our 'competitive window' and should be a playoff team, but neither expectation is looking good right now.

So what does the Front Office do if we are hovering around .500 in a few months time? Trade for reinforcements to go for a wildcard spot and further deplete our farm system? Call up some prospects and pray for Davis Schneider 2.0 and 3.0? Or do they accept that the team they have created is fundamentally flawed and start to trade some impending free agents....or others? How much of an albatross is it that they have to sell seats to justify the new renovations?

I can't help thinking that regardless of what happens, the Jays are in a real pickle and I think 2025 could be grim. I just don't see an easy fix for the offence. Juan Soto maybe, but is he going to come here? I doubt it very much. The only saving grace is that they will have Gausman/Berrios/Bassit to stabilise the rotation...unless of course one of them gets traded at some point.

I feel sorry for John Schneider. The situation we are in (and yes - it may improve) falls squarely on the shoulders of the players performance and the Front Office who somehow have created a team where Ernie Clement is our primary third baseman (nothing against Ernie, but you get my point).

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perspicacious, as I thank you for allowing me and others to come to expect. Thank you! Schneids did call things pretty much right (with Yimi bailing out Génesis) the other night. Now, may 10-6 or better transpire...

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