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Griff's The Pitch Interview - Moises Alou

Former Expos' All-Star on playing for his father, being embraced by the city of Montreal, Bartman, and the swagger of the ’94 Expos.

Former star Expos’ outfielder, Moises Alou, joined Griff’s the Pitch from his home in Florida for a highly personal, hugely informative, wide-ranging episode of our weekly baseball interview.

·       With the MLB season now into its second full week, Moises recalls his own emotions on his first MLB Opening Day.

·       Alou talks about his, sometimes complicated, relationship with manager Felipe Alou, who also happened to be his father. The story  begins with their first Father’s Day together, at age 25, quietly leaving a bottle of wine in his office to acknowledge the moment, to important lessons Felipe taught him about being a major-leaguer. “I didn’t really know my father until he was my manager.”  

·       Moises talks about the aftermath of a terrible leg injury suffered in St., Louis, snapping his shinbone and dislocating his ankle, followed by the kindness of an opposing manager to visit him in hospital. That visit paid off later in his career. Alou did not give up and that winter rehabbing much of the time in Montreal, won his fierce battle to return to the field in ‘94.

·       Alou describes the decision to sign with the Marlins and win his only World Series, then talks about the journey that took him to the Cubs and his anger and flash of emotions when Bartman intervened in Cubs history, altering the course of Game 6 of the 2003 NLCS.   

·       Moises describes the dominance of the ’94 Expos and the swagger that team showed and the disappointment of the strike that hit in August and cancelled the World Series.

·       Finally, Moises explains the unique process that allowed him to be a rare player that did not wear batting gloves when he hit.



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